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Synergy Ergonomics

People In Complex Systems
Synergy Consultants Ltd
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Synergy provides high quality consultancy services in ergonomics and human factors.

Clients use our expertise for the design of those aspects of complex systems that directly affect human performance. Our skills and experience are typically exploited to assess or improve human performance in operational systems. We provide services such as system design, human factors assessments, human reliability assessments, support for safety cases and research.

We undertake projects in a range of industrial sectors. These include: power generation, power distribution, oil and gas production, defence, transport and other sectors such as banking and retail businesses.

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the study of the human operator in the workplace. It involves the application of scientific information concerning humans to the design of objects, systems and the environment. The application of ergonomics seeks to exploit human skills and abilities whilst taking account of human limitations. Ergonomics is also commonly called human factors



Synergy provides high quality Human Factors support throughout the Defence sector. Our work in the Defence sector includes design support for submarines, surface ships and aircraft and have undertaken ergonomics assessments of armoured vehicles and military ATC systems. We have also made human factors inputs to safety cases for submarine refit facilities.


Synergy specialises in power plant ergonomics and has an envied international reputation for their work in this area. We have worked extensively in nuclear and fossil-fuelled power plants and have also undertaken ergonomics assessments of power distribution centres. We apply our expertise in control room design, plant-based tasks and undertake human reliability assessments for safety cases.

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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Synergy has provided ergonomics consultancy in gas distribution control, oil refineries, petrochemical installations and offshore production platforms. This ergonomics work includes human factors input to Safety Cases, advice on console design, alarm system reviews and assessments of emergency evacuation procedures.

Process Control

Process Control

Synergy's Human Factors expertise, developed in the power, defence and petrochemical arenas, has been applied to other process control applications, such as chemical processing. It can be exploited in any workplace where operations are supervised and controlled remotely. We provide sound, practical advice on preventing human error, ensuring high quality ergonomic workplaces, compliance with COMAH requirements and supporting Safety Cases.

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Synergy has applied their ergonomics experience on a range of transportation topics. We have worked on the Human Factors of air traffic control, undertaken human reliability studies for rail operators, investigated ergonomics issues in ferry operation and provided ergonomics guidance for cruise liners.


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