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Synergy Ergonomics

People In Complex Systems
Synergy Consultants Ltd
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Defence Industry Ergonomics
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Oil & Gas Industry Ergonomics
Process Control Industry Ergonomics
Transport Ergonomics

..Ergonomics Applications
Abnormal Situation Management
Alarm Reduction
Complementing / Manning
Human-Computer Interaction
Safety Cases
Training Needs Analysis
Human Error / Human Reliability Assessment

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Compliance with Safety Requirements
Diagnostic Tasks
Operator Stress
Staffing for Safety Management
Training for Emergencies

..Nuclear Human Factors
Nuclear Safety Cases
Stress in the Control Room

Compliance with Safety Requirements
In order to ensure the safe operation of complex systems, it is necessary to operate within guidelines, specified in safety regulations that are conveyed to the workforce by notices, written procedures, training and other means. This approach requires that the operators must be fully aware of these safety requirements whenever they become relevant and that they will then comply with them. Ergonomics can play a major role both in identifying the safety risks and then providing guidance in a way that promotes compliance.

Synergy has:
  • Undertaken reviews of procedures and task design
  • Assessed particular tasks to identify possible non-compliance
  • Developed guidelines for minimizing violations and non-compliance
  • Reviewed the ergonomics aspects of safety management