Edward Marshall BA FErgS CPsychol AFBPsS
Semi-retired Principal Consultant

Ed Marshall

Ed Marshall is an ergonomist with nearly 40 years experience of applying ergonomics to the control of complex human-machine systems. He has been a Principal Consultant at Synergy for over twenty years and has been involved in a wide range of ergonomics activities that have helped to establish Synergy as a major provider of specialist human factors expertise. Whilst largely retuired now, Ed still supplies his particular expertise when necessary.

He has specialised in the study of human issues in the Nuclear Industry where he has undertaken simulator studies, provided formal human factors support to safety cases and assessed system interfaces. Previously he worked for the CEGB Central Research Laboratory and the OECD Halden Reactor Project. He is a past Chairman of Council of the Ergonomics Society and has been a visiting lecturer in Ergonomics at University College London. Ed is a practical ergonomist and is always keen to encourage clients to learn and apply ergonomics techniques themselves. His infectious enthusiasm and energy in pursuit of ergonomics are a hallmark of his work. Recent projects have included the development of nuclear safety cases, the assessment of complex systems and collating guidelines for control room refurbishments. He has recently finished restoring a 17th century cottage in a village that is the home of the pilgrim fathers. Recently having become a grandfather, what little spare time Ed has is devoted to running the greatest skiffle band east of the Trent and bird watching.