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Synergy Ergonomics

People In Complex Systems
Synergy Consultants Ltd
..Industry Sectors
Defence Industry Ergonomics
Power Industry Ergonomics
Oil & Gas Industry Ergonomics
Process Control Industry Ergonomics
Transport Ergonomics

..Ergonomics Applications
Abnormal Situation Management
Alarm Reduction
Complementing / Manning
Human-Computer Interaction
Safety Cases
Training Needs Analysis
Human Error / Human Reliability Assessment

..Human Factors Issues
Compliance with Safety Requirements
Diagnostic Tasks
Operator Stress
Staffing for Safety Management
Training for Emergencies

..Nuclear Human Factors
Nuclear Safety Cases
Stress in the Control Room

Ergonomics Methods
Synergy brings a flexible and professional approach to all its key application areas. These cover a wide range of practical interventions tailored to meet ergonomics and usability demands throughout the life cycle of complex system operations. These include:

  • Design Support
  • Ergonomics Assessment
  • Safety Case development
  • Human Factors Integration

Adaptive Methods
Synergy believes that application of standard approaches are not always appropriate for the investigation of the wide range of factors that can affect human performance. Each case must be treated differently and so Synergy either selects the most effective methods to address the particular issue or tailors methods to suite the specific situational context.

Systematic and Auditable Approach
Synergy uses a systematic approach to assess existing or proposed systems. These techniques are carefully documented to provide a clear audit trail. The Synergy approach involves selecting the human factors approach that is most appropriate for each situation and, where necessary, utilising the most appropriate ergonomics guidance from our library of standards and guidelines.

Through Life Cycle Consideration
Human factors issues may impact system effectiveness at any time throughout its life cycle, and the nature of these issues changes as the system progresses. At the beginning the emphasis for ergonomics input will be the key strategic decisions, such as which process to automate or how many crew members are required. Later in the lifecycle, the ergonomics focus will move to more in-depth aspects of operability and detailed design. Assessments then require hands-on usability trials, walk throughs and other practical assessments. These are realistic tests that need to be undertaken on an operational system.

Wide Range of Techniques
Synergy exploits a wide range of techniques. Where necessary these are adapted or developed to meet specific problems and applications. These include:

  • Task analysis
  • Error analysis
  • Timeline analysis
  • Human reliability assessment
  • Workload assessment
  • Link analysis
  • Training needs analysis
  • Ergonomics audits
  • Cognitive modelling