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Synergy Ergonomics

People In Complex Systems
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Transport Ergonomics

Synergy Consultants have brought their envied international reputation for their ergonomics work to bear on a range of transportation topics:
  • Air traffic control studies (both civil and military)
  • An assessment of human error in Ro-Ro ferry operations
  • Reliability assessments for the rail industry
  • Training studies for air traffic control
  • Training reviews for rail maintenance
Our experience of air traffic control and railway ergonomics coupled with our overall approaches to human factors developed in the power, process control and defence areas enables us to identify potential ergonomics problems and to understand the underlying psychological or physiological issues. In particular we have comprehensive experience in addressing those tasks that rely upon inspection, problem solving, continuous monitoring and signal detection. Synergy has also participated in the review of training and selection techniques.
We are thus able to propose practical solutions, in terms of task design, interface assessment or training, that will reduce the risk of human error, increase safety and improve human performance in transportation systems.

Ergonomics & Human Reliability - Herald of Free Enterprise Disaster

The Herald of Free Enterprise disaster highlighted the need for ergonomics and human reliability

Synergy undertakes the following key activities in respect of ergonomics and human factors consultancy for the transport industry; risk assessment, safety case studies, task analysis, human reliability studies and interface design.