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Synergy Ergonomics

People In Complex Systems
Synergy Consultants Ltd
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Transport Ergonomics

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Abnormal Situation Management
Alarm Reduction
Complementing / Manning
Human-Computer Interaction
Safety Cases
Training Needs Analysis
Human Error / Human Reliability Assessment

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Compliance with Safety Requirements
Diagnostic Tasks
Operator Stress
Staffing for Safety Management
Training for Emergencies

..Nuclear Human Factors
Nuclear Safety Cases
Stress in the Control Room

Integration of Ergonomics
We believe that ergonomics and human reliability assessment play a vital role in matching various aspects of system design to the needs and abilities of system users. Thus, by integrating human factors considerations into the design and operation of a system throughout its life, it is possible to achieve higher safety and productivity targets.

User-centred Tasks
We seek to ensure that at all points where there is human involvement in a complex system, the tasks that are required can be undertaken safely and in a manner that is both satisfying and understandable to all those involved. By doing this the risks to the general public from unplanned events can be significantly reduced.

Meeting our Clients` Needs
We value the high opinions held of us by our clients and, therefore, we only undertake work where our experience and expertise is relevant and where we know that we are able to make a genuine contribution. Thus, we are committed to providing a high standard of ergonomics advice tailored to our clients` needs and within agreed timescales and budgets.

The Team-based Approach
In all our work our approach is to define the problem to our client`s satisfaction and then to utilize all the resources and experience necessary to resolve the problem most effectively. Thus, whilst all our consultants have a range of ergonomics and psychological experience and expertise that can be applied to any particular project, we also aim to supplement this by more in-depth knowledge from specific consultants where this is appropriate. For instance, whilst some projects are undertaken entirely by a single consultant, it is also not unusual for another of our consultants to provide more limited support where they have that specialist knowledge.

Qualified Professionals
We value a mix of practical experience and academic capability. Our Principal Consultants all have in excess of twenty years experience in the application of human factors and human reliability methods. All our consultants have formal academic qualifications in psychology or ergonomics and have applied this knowledge in a variety of practical situations. This enables us to develop solutions that are both pragmatic and that fully comply with accepted ergonomics guidance.